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Since 1944 Montgomery Roofer

If you have been in Montgomery for any amount of time, you probably recognize the name “Jones Brothers”. For 80 years, we have served the capital city and surrounding areas by providing excellent service and quality roofing for residential and commercial properties.

Howard Jones Sr. and his brother J.L., “hung up their shingle” in 1944 on South Hull Street. They outgrew that location after 20 years and moved to Lower Wetumpka Road. After Mr. Jones retired, the company was passed to his son-in-law, Billy Creel, who was president until he retired in 2021. Billy’s son, Sherman Creel, has continued the legacy of excellence. The technology of roofing has seen many changes over the last 80 years, but one thing that has not changed is our commitment and desire to serve this community by standing behind our work. This keeps us above the rest! As Mr. Jones always said, “Call Jones Brothers. You’ll be glad you did!”

Jones Brothers Roofing - Roof Replacement since 1944

Since 1944 — 80 years of experience!

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